New tires, body moldings and some tablet info update!
October 26, 2013 — 0:28

So haven’t been active with this blog the last weeks, mainly because there was not much to update with.

So, the tablet build is going slowly forward, but there’s still a few things I’m waiting for, such as the radio module and a few other things.
Gonna go down to the post office tomorrow and get the radio module, and see if i get some time to play around with it.

Still got a few issues with the tablet that I haven’t managed to solve yet. Being able to charge the tablet at the same time as i can connect other USB-Devices, such as radio module, card reader, external hdd etc. So, as soon as I got that sorted out, i will put it in my dash :)

Body molding  set
So yesterday, I got the body molding set on the door (view photos of them in this post)

The plan is to mount them on during this weekend. So, as soon I got that job done, I’ll upload a few photos with it :)

New tires!

Today, i got new tires for my Suzuki, that i will use during the winter, so finger crossed for lot’s of snow! :-)

The specifications are;

BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM2  235/70 R16 104/101Q 6PR RWL


If they are good on slippery road, remains to be seen! :)
Atleast i can just drive my self up from the ditch.. ;)

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